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Flooring Services

We are principally engaged in the provision of (i) flooring services; and (ii) ancillary services, including concrete repairing and wall painting work in Hong Kong. Our target segment is the mid to high-end customers in the car park flooring market.


  1. Flooring Services


We provide car park flooring work to new car parks in a construction project and refurbish flooring of the old car parks in an existing building in a refurbishment project.


Our car park flooring services involve the application of proprietary car park floor coating products for the purpose of providing a colourful, slip-resistance, hard wearing car park decking surface that is resistant against water and petrochemicals like petrol, diesel, and brake fluids.


Prior to the application of proprietary car park floor coating products, surface preparation has to be conducted in order to satisfy the relevant surface requirements for applying the coating products. Surface requirements generally include that the surface should be free of cracks and voids, has a smooth finish, and meet certain dryness level.


  1. Screeding – Application of the screed layer with automated screeding machine
  2. Surface preparation – Shot-blasting treatment
  3. Surface preparation – Repairing surface cracks
  4. Surface preparation – Substrate defects remedial work
  5. Application of primer
  6. Sprinkling quartz sand onto the primer to create friction
  7. Removing excess quartz sand from the primer
  8. Application of coloured top coat
  9. Line marking and signage painting


Depending on specific characteristics of the site and our customers’ demands, we may be required to conduct screeding work and anti-skid surfacing work (for ramp surfaces) as part of our car park flooring procedures.


Screeding involves the pouring of a thin layer of material over a suitably prepared and adequately strong concrete base in order to form a leveled, fast-drying, and high-strength underlayment for application of car park floor coating materials. The leveling screed provides early high strength and resistance to traffic. A typical screed layer comprises cement, sand, screed additive and water. The screed additive is added to accelerate the drying procedure and improve the workability of the screed layer.


The key procedures of screeding generally include

  1. Preparation of the concrete sub-floor to meet specific requirements and to ensure that it is structurally sound, clean, and free from dirt and oil which might impair adhesion of the screed
  2. Application of primer on the prepared concrete surface to ensure smoothness
  3. Mixing of cement, sand, screed additive and water in a mixer to form the screed layer
  4. Application of the screed layer at the required thickness using a screeding machine
  5. Full curing to enable vehicle flow, which takes about five to 10 days.


Anti-skid surfacing work involves the application of proprietary floor coating products on car park ramp surfaces to provide an anti-skid and wearing surface resistance by improving the friction on those surfaces. When applied with coloured aggregates, it can also be used as part of beautification works. As part of our flooring services, we also provide anti-skid surfacing work for roads to enhance the braking performance.


A simplified flow diagram of a typical car park flooring project