KMK Group as the Strategic Partner of Carful Group

Carful Group

KMK Group is thrilled to announce that we have become strategic investor of Carful Group, one of the start-up companies offering a platform unlocking peer-to-peer car sharing through technology – a seamless and simple platform that connects owners and guests as well as the development of “drive now pay later” automobile fintech.

KMK Group not only invests in start-ups but also provides the Group’s expertise and know-how of managing and growing a start-up business and advice from related advisors to support the growth of entrepreneurs.

We are interested in investing in start-ups with technologies that could change people’s lifestyle, to develop products and services for conventional business as well as for our group’s benefit by enhancing the sustainability in construction as well as carpark service development.

KMK Group will proactively find and support start-up companies by leveraging the expertise and network we have cultivated, while seeking assistance and advice from advisors. We would like to contribute to the development of the overall growth of start-up businesses in Hong Kong.

About Carful

Founded in 2020, Carful Group focuses on automotive technology and innovation business models. Setting up intelligent car-sharing platform, catering for the “drive now and pay later” Auto Fintech SaaS by leveraging the Peer-to-Peer car sharing ecosystem.

Carful Group successively entered the HK TECH 300 of the City University of Hong Kong and the Cyberport Incubation Program. It was being awarded as the Excellent Car Rental Brand from Metro Finance(Hong Kong Leader Choice 2021).

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