KMK Honored to Participate in Waterproofing Project for IL9088 Central Harbourfront

Kwong Man Kee Asia (KMK Asia) is thrilled to announce its collaboration with China State Construction, the main contractor for the prestigious IL9088 Central Harbourfront. This partnership marks a significant milestone in KMK’s commitment to delivering high-quality waterproofing services for large-scale developments.

IL9088 Central Harbourfront, a visionary project aimed at transforming the space into a vibrant public space, has garnered immense attention for its architectural brilliance and sustainable design. Built around the design concept of a bridge, this project is part of Henderson Land’s New Central Harbourfront development, which aims to create a world-class landmark that incorporates ample greenery and public space in support of a sustainable future.

As part of this landmark development, KMK Asia has been selected to provide its expertise in waterproofing, ensuring the long-term durability and integrity of the development’s structures. KMK Asia’s revolutionary waterproofing solutions, the revolutionary C-S-H hydrophilic pore blocking and self-healing Krystaline technology, align with the project’s vision of sustainability and inclusivity.

As the waterproofing work progresses, KMK Asia will continue to collaborate closely with China State Construction to execute this iconic project seamlessly. Both companies share a common vision of delivering excellence and exceeding client expectations, while fostering a thriving and sustainable community in the heart of the city.

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