The Lohas


Situated above LOHAS Park Station, The LOHAS stands tall as a remarkable new landmark that promises delightful experiences for all. Going beyond the conventional shopping mall, The LOHAS is a dynamic destination that offers extraordinary moments, easily accessible from various parts of Hong Kong. To ensure excellence in the car park area, KMK was entrusted with providing top-notch car park flooring services.

In line with the visionary concept of The LOHAS, a unique approach was taken to infuse vibrant colors into each zone of the car park. This thoughtful selection of colors adds a lively touch to the environment, representing the distinct character of each area. As customers traverse through the car park, they are greeted with an immersive and joyful experience, where the colors envelop them with a sense of excitement and delight.

At The LOHAS, customers can expect a car park that goes beyond mere functionality. The carefully crafted vibrant colors infuse a sense of joyfulness and liveliness into the space, elevating the overall experience for visitors. Simultaneously, the car park flooring system, meticulously chosen by KMK, guarantees durability and reliability, ensuring a smooth and secure parking experience.

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Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong

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