A Meaningful Meeting with KMK Group Scholarship Recipients and CityU Representatives

Ms. Kasty Lam (leftmost), Developemtn Manager – Developement Office – CityU, Dr. Thomas Ng (forth from left), Head and Chair Professor – Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering of CityU, Mr. Jason Yip, CEO & Executive Director – KMK Group (forth from right), Ms. Karen Kwong (second from right), Head of Marketing – KMK Group, Issac Choi (rightmost), Financial Controller – KMK Group

KMK Group recently had a productive meeting with Kwong Man Kee Group Scholarship recipients and the Head of the Architecture and Civil Engineering Department at CityU. During the session, KMK Group’s leadership team presented the organization’s vision and future plans, highlighting their experience in the construction industry and insights into entrepreneurship development.

The meeting provided an excellent forum for students to engage with industry experts and pose insightful questions, while KMK Group gained valuable insights into the needs and interests of the next generation of professionals. The exchange of ideas was inspiring and fruitful, with KMK Group sharing their commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related services and products, and exploring opportunities for expansion in South East Asia and the Greater Bay Area.

KMK Group would like to extend their sincere appreciation to CityU for their unwavering support, and look forward to continuing other partnership in the future.



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